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November E-Newsletter

Q: My family is ready to enjoy the season! The last thing I want is an unexpected breakdown while trying to plan our holiday events. Is there anything I can do to help prevent the “unexpected”?

Having to pay for unexpected car repairs in the middle of your holiday errands or family events is not a pleasant surprise! Consider the unplanned out-of-pocket expense, the loss of quality with friends and family, the wear and tear of mental stress or the inconvenience of just being behind schedule.

Did you know that there is something you can do right now to help prevent unexpected repairs?

First, a week or more before you head out on a longer trip around town or out of town visiting family and friends stop and take a 10 minutes inspection of your car.  

1) Check all fluids. There are several fluids that require attention: engine oil, power steering, brake and transmission fluids, windshield washer solvent and antifreeze/coolant.

2) Check hoses and belts. A belt that fails can affect the electrical system, air conditioning and power steering, as well as the cooling system, which keeps your engine from overheating. Cooling system hoses may be deteriorating from within, so old hoses and clamps in marginal condition might need to be replaced.

3) Check the tires especially tire inflation but also inspect the tread. Uneven wear indicates the need for a wheel alignment. Also look for bulges and bald spots.

Second, if you notice anything, make an appointment with Honest-1.  We will continue that safety inspection free of charge and let you know if your car is in need of any preventive maintenance services or if there is anything we can do right then that will prevent the chances of breakdowns.

The most recent Roadside Vehicle Inspection Program from the Car Care Council shows the following items are the most common vehicle systems that need attention:

           54 percent had low tire pressure.

•           38 percent of cars had low or dirty engine oil.

•           28 percent had inadequate cooling protection.

•           19 percent needed new belts.

•           16 percent had dirty air filters.

•           10 percent had low or contaminated brake fluid.

Our Honest-1 professionals will be happy to give you piece of mind and a head start on those holiday events.  Catching problems early or performing needed maintenance services, can help prevent costly repairs and give you the satisfaction of knowing you are prepared! Make an appointment today!

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