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March E-Newsletter

Customers Ask Honest-1:

When I have been to Honest-1, the service writer frequently has recommendations for my car based on a comprehensive vehicle inspection plus other things. How do you come up with those recommendations and why are they important?

Have you ever gotten a physical? While at your physical, would you rather the doctor take time with you to hear your health concerns or come in, sign a paper and leave? Obviously the answer is you would like, and even expect, the doctor to give you time. You want to know everything you need to know to keep you as healthy as possible.

Well, at Honest-1, we treat your car similar to a good doctor.  We take time to learn everything about your car before it leaves our shop.  Why do we do this and what are we looking for?

Depending on your individual driving habits, visits between oil changes can be three months or more.  During that time, your car has traveled thousands of miles in many different driving conditions. In Arizona that could be construction zones, poorly maintained roads, dirt roads, extreme temperatures, or just the wear and tear of stop and go driving. We have no idea what your car has been through and, as you sit comfortably at the wheel, you may not either.

When dropping off your car at Honest-1 we first listen to your concerns and needs. Then we will look at the manufacturers recommendations based on the number of miles on your odometer. Key car components like brakes, fluids, tires, belts, air filters, engine components, and more lose their ability to function properly over time and car manufacturers have a detailed schedule that, when followed, lessens the chance of costly repairs and maintains your warranty. Next we perform carefully designed visual inspections


The following are just 10 or the many things we inspect:

  1. Battery performance- Is there enough power to run your vehicle? Are the terminals free from debris?
  2. Cabin Air Filter- Is this filter dirty causing you to breathe in air rich with contaminants, dust and debris?
  3. Hoses-Are they free from cracks, leaks or wear and tear?
  4. Tires-Are they wearing correctly? What is the tread depth? Are they safe?
  5. Brakes-Is there enough padding to secure that you are stopping on time?
  6. Fluids-Are they filled to proper levels? Are they dirty? Have they lost viscosity? Will they continue to protect key car components like your engine, transmission, brakes, power steering, and radiator?
  7. Steering and Suspension-Are there any leaks? Are parts corroded, missing, broken or loose?
  8. Lights-Is everything working properly to make sure you can see and can be seen?
  9. Wiper Blades-Will they work adequately in a storm? Is the rubber worn or torn?
  10. Engine-Are there any leaks, unusual smells or sounds?


Combining this comprehensive inspection with your car’s recommended maintenance schedule gives our technicians and service writers the information they need to make recommendations for service. 

Your safety and your car’s health take time. Rest assured that during any routine maintenance service or repair, our Honest-1 technicians, just like your family doctor, have your comfort and safety at the forefront of their minds. Because of that, they consistently do their best to keep your car the safest and “healthiest” on the road.

Make an appointment now and get your FREE COMPREHENSIVE VEHICLE INSPECTION with any service or repair.  Because at Honest-1, the most important part is you!

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