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March E-Newsletter

Customers Ask Honest-1: Why do you feel it is important to give my car a comprehensive vehicle inspection every time it comes into your shop for an oil change? Wouldn’t it be quicker without one?

That is a great question! At Honest-1 we liken our comprehensive vehicle inspection to that of a medical doctor giving a physical and we take our job just as seriously!

Just like you do not expect your doctor to give you 10 minutes of his/her time to make a determination of your overall health, you should not expect your local car repair facility to do the same with your car. Your safety and that of your precious cargo are too important!

Depending on your individual driving habits, visits between oil changes can be three months or more.  During that time, your car has traveled thousands of miles in many different driving conditions. In Arizona that could be construction zones, poorly maintained roads, dirt roads, extreme temperatures, or just the wear and tear of stop and go driving. We have no idea what your car has been through and, as you sit comfortably at the wheel, you may not either.

Your car has over 10,000 moving parts. In order to keep you safe and your car performing at its best, we believe it is our job to keep all those moving parts working properly.  We do not take our job lightly!

Key car components like brakes, fluids, tires, belts, air filters, engine components, and more lose their ability to function properly over time. Carefully designed visual inspections can give you enough time to perform services or make repairs before a breakdown may occur. Even though parts can break without prior warning, routine inspections with careful visual inspections give you peace of mind and allow you to….

  • Make informed decisions about your car’s care
    Keep your family safe on the road
    Lessen the chance of costly repairs
    Fix and maintain your car NOW to help prevent the “unexpected”

Your safety and your car’s health take time. Rest assured that during any routine maintenance service or repair, our Honest-1 technicians, just like your family doctor, have your comfort and safety at the forefront of their minds. Because of that, they consistently do their best to keep your car the safest and “healthiest” on the road.

Make an appointment now and get your FREE COMPREHENSIVE VEHICLE INSPECTION with any service or repair.  Because at Honest-1, the most important part is you!

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