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June E-Newsletter

Customers Ask Honest-1:

Triple degrees, extreme heat warnings, “oven-like” temperatures…Can my car’s air conditioning system handle this Arizona summer heat? I definitely do not want to be caught driving without A/C!

Arizona summer and extreme heat go hand and hand.  Luckily, there are a few simple ways to help determine if your car’s air conditioning system is operating to the best of its abilities and it is as easy as using just 3 of your five senses! 

First, use your sense of touch. Start the engine and turn the temperature to the coldest setting and maximum fan blower speed. The air from the vents should be freezing cold within a minute or so. It should not take very long. If it is blowing hot and not getting cold, changing temperature inconstantly, or barely blowing at all, you should have it checked.

Next, use your ears.You should be able to hear slight rise and fall in engine tone as the compressor clutch clicks in and out.

Finally, use your eyes.  Most air conditioning systems have fans that are visible in front of the radiator and can be viewed through the vehicle’s front grill. These should be turning.

As simple as these test may be, if any of these three easy checks are not to your expectations, it may be time to bring in a professional, like those at Honest-1, get a visual inspection of your air conditioning components and possibly have an evacuation and recharge performed.

An “Evac and Recharge” is an important first step in getting you’re AC system back on track. During an “Evac and Recharge” the technician will test AC system outlet temperature at the dash while recording AC system high and low pressure readings. A visual system check of hoses will also be done to see if there are any visible leaks.

Then, as determined by those readings and observations, the refrigerant from the air conditioning system is drawn out, replaced and or added, and the system is charged with the precise amount of refrigerant recommended by the vehicle's manufacturer. Hopefully this all you need to be on your way!

If the air coming out of your vents is still warm, sometimes your system may have a small leak. Putting Ultra Violet (UV) dye in the system can detect leaks and allow a technician to service your car accurately. The UV dye shows up under a bright UV light source so any leaks present can be easily identified either during fault finding or indicate if future leaks were to develop. 

Not all leaks can be detected right away. Vehicles may have small leak(s) or weak component(s) that cannot be detected at time of service. If AC system does fail again there is dye in the system and we will be able to isolate problem and repair the leak.

Getting your AC system serviced NOW allows for cooler rides in the future on HOT days!  Call us today for your appointment at 602-404-6785 and drive cooler tomorrow!




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