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June E-Newsletter

Customers Ask Honest-1:

I dread having a roadside emergency in this Arizona heat. To be prepared just in case, what do you suggest I have in my Emergency Roadside Kit?

Before embarking on any road trip, it is best to be fully prepared for whatever may happen. First and foremost, get your car checked out by a reliable auto care facility like Honest-1. Then, just to be safe, be sure to put together an Emergency Roadside Kit with the following important contents!

Make sure your glove box contains the following: current vehicle registration papers, insurance card, paper and pencil (just in case you have to write down important details), a map, about $20 in small bills and change and phone numbers for Roadside Assistance.

For your Emergency Roadside Kit, be sure you have a fully charged mobile phone for calling for help.

Here are the top 10 things you might want in your car before hitting the road:

  1. Fully charged mobile phone
  2. The three F’s
    • Flashlight
    • Flares
    • First Aid Kit
  3. Jumper cables
  4. Jack and a ground mat for changing a tire
  5. Extra windshield fluid
  6. Work gloves to protect your hands from the items that get hot
  7. Basic repair tools like wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, etc.
  8. Duct tape (for temporarily repairing a hose leak)
  9. A jug of water for cleaning up
  10. Drinking water and nonperishable food

Being prepared will help reduce stress, keep you safe, and get you back on the road faster. Making an appointment with Honest-1 before your travels can help even more. Pick up the phone and make your pre-road trip appointment today to keep your family safe!

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