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Tires may be the only thing that touches the road, but your shock absorbers are next in line. Your suspension system protects you and your vehicle from rough road conditions and is an integral part of your car?s steering and braking systems.

Your suspension is made up of shocks, struts and springs each doing its part to cushion and dampen the effects every day wear and tear has on your vehicle. Eventually, these parts wear down and in doing so could lead to slower brake reaction times, poor handling and difficulty steering therefore increasing the chances of an accident.

Shocks and struts control how vehicles ride and handle. The spring and suspension movement keeps your tires in contact with the road and helps control the steering and handling of your vehicle. Because these parts are consistently working, over time they need to be replaced. The following indicators may determine if your vehicle needs new shocks*:

  • Leaking: At visual inspection you notice that there are noticeable fluid leaks or if the shocks, struts or mounts look dented or damaged.
  • Vehicle handling: You experience a generally bumpy or shaky vehicle ride, poor steering response, stiffness or noise when steering, instability when braking or swaying/leaning when turning or changing lanes.
  • Tire Wear: Your tires are wearing unevenly such as cupped or scalloped dips appearing around the surface of the tread, flat spot wear, or inner tire wear.
  • Bouncing: Go to the front or rear of your vehicle and push down with all your weight. Let go, stand back, and observe. If the vehicle comes back up without bouncing, the shocks are probably okay. If the vehicle bounces a few times, chances are the shocks or struts need to be replaced.
  • Mileage: Testing has shown that at around 50,000 miles original equipment shocks and struts may be worn to the point of needing replacing (depending on vehicle and driving conditions).

Driving with any of these warning signs, could cause even more problems than just faulty shocks. If your car is showing these warning signs, please bring it in to Honest-1 and let our mechanics check it out. It is better to be safe than ?shocked?!

*Some information on warning signs gathered from Monroe Shocks and Struts. For more information go to

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