5 3/24/2017

Always friendly and easy to work with - thank you!

5 3/23/2017

Everyone here is nice and friendly. They always do exactly what you ask and will let you know what you need done extra if anything, they never pressure you into a sale or make you feel bad for not doing something. I have taken two cars now to this location and they always do fabulous.

5 3/23/2017

Quality service, friendly people, reasonable cost.

5 3/22/2017

great service as usual

5 3/22/2017

I have been to Honest 1 on 3 separate occasions, and have been pleased with my experience each time. I think their prices are extremely fair, they complete the work in the timeframe that they estimated for me, and I have not ever felt like they have tried to "sell" me on additional services that my car may not need, as I have at other shops in the past.

4 3/21/2017

Got an alignment. Received the b.s. that the printer was out of ink, so no before/after numbers. But they did a nice job, treated my car with care, and were friendly about everything. Will definitely go back.

5 3/21/2017

Honest 1 is definitely honest. They did a full diagnostics and advised the best course of action to keep my vehicle in tip top shape!

5 3/19/2017

I got my oil changed and my alignment done on all 4 wheels. I drive a 2014 Cadalic XTS (not that that matters), but the dealership would have charged me $250 + for these services. Not only did Honest 1 Auto use the exact same oil as my dealship, but the alignment made such a noticeable SIGNIFICANT difference in the way my car drove, that I noticed 3 minutes into my drive home from there shop and called to thank them for how great my car was driving. The staff was amazing; Matt Fisk in particular. I called because I had drive somewhere far for work on Monday and called Saturday at 12:30 and they were able to assist me and her me in, when they close at 5. Not only was the staff personable and caring, but the services they provided were impeccable. Honest 1 Auto charged me less then 60% of what I would have paid at the dealership and in my opinion provides better service and customer service. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable option for the services they provided. I never write reviews honest to God, but in this circumstance it was much deserved. Thank you Honest 1 Auto and staff. Dan

5 3/18/2017

They were personable and professional and completed the job in the amount of time discussed.

5 3/18/2017

Always does the job right! Great service!